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Pics from the summer
This is just a quick post for now, with more detailed one coming later.  It has been agreat summer and I have some pics I would like to share!  From FetishCon in Tampa I have a lovely underwater bondage pic with Miss Kaze. She is a very trusting gal and I want to thank Zen Warrior for letting me use her in the pool.  My roomates this year at the hotel were and the lovely Archean hopped into their specially made vacuum cube and then we tossed her in the pool. Here she is relaxing kink style

After FetishCon I was on the east coast to shoot some pin up work for a few weeks in Melbourne FL and met with Jenna. She is a terrific model who is still new to the business but really brought some game to the table Check her out here  and here. Then we went to a classic car dealership called Florida Dream Cars where Dave let us shoot in some classic roadsters here and here. Look for these images of her and more to be appearing in Pin Up Perfection Magazine this winter! Finally I wound my way up the eastern seaboard and back home to Toronto.

I had just one little tiny shoot that needed to be filled in last weekend and I was lucky enough to shoot Hustler's Sandy Gabriel along with a local model zomBRI here and here.  Also here where she does some awesome things to Star Trek as part of her Cos Play.  Special thanks to Fat Cat Photography for the studio hook up when I was out of time.

We are gearing up for the 5th annual Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza during Nuit Blanche here in Toronto on Oct 1. We have a fabulous venue lined up and over 70 performers this year from all over North America and Europe. It has become the world's largest public bondage event for Shibari and other bondage. 12 hrs long from 7pm until 7am and it is going to be even bigger and badder-assed than all of the other years combined!  We also have live webstreaming this year so you can enjoy the event from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world for free.

More updates soon!


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