The summer wind came blowin in from across the sea...

Now that my summer travels are coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone that I have crossed paths with - new friends and strengthening those friendships with the wonderful people across the globe I have known for years. From the midnight Blvd wanderings in Paris, to witnessing a beautiful kink scene blossoming in Ireland; from the architectural beauty of Vienna to machine guns and moonshine in Tennessee; from bbq so good you would sell your children for it in Florida to kinky pool parties out of control, all of you have made this a wonderful summer for me. It doesn't feel like I have been away from home for almost 2 months but I now see my travels winding down and drifting away like a summer wind. I am so very thankful for everyone who touched my life while I lived out of a suitcase and hauled my camera around after me to capture all the beautful moments as well as the shennanigans. It is time to wander back home to Toronto and look forward to what the Autumn adventures hold, especially the Morpheous Bondage Extravaganza. and catching up with my 'hood and friends back home. But for one more week I am going to keep my toes buried in the sand here in Florida and try to slow down time until I have to climb aboard that big old jet plane bound for the Great White North. My sincerest thanks to you all.

Summer tour!
Its summer and that means I am hittin' the road again :)

Looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones during my travels to promote my book, teach some classes and get up to general nonsense with my camera!

Here is my schedule as of now:

July 4-8 Paris, France (rope bondage, art galleries and touring a local pole dancing studio)

July 8- 13 Dublin, Ireland - 2 classes organized by The Cinch: The Art of Erotic Photography and Bastinado: The Agony of De-Feet!  These are links so you have to have an account to view them.  There are still a couple of spaces left and the Erotic Photography class is the only one I am teaching this year.

July 13-15 Vienna, Austria: Private event.

July 22-24: Knoxville TN: Restrained Loving and Sex Bondage Safety You can message the organizer here

July 24-27: St. Louis MO: Shooting at The Facility

July 28- August 1: Tampa, FL:  Featured performer and educational presenter at the 11th annual FetishCon!  My famous class on Bastinado is going to be taught again so if you missed it in Ireland you can catch it here. Plus 3 of my photos have been selected by a jury to be displayed as part of The Art of Kink Photography Exhibit at the Hyatt. These three limited edition, archival prints are available for purchase.

August 2-13: Shooting in Melbourne FL.

August 14- the 20's some much needed downtime to catch some waves and scuba dive before wandering my way back home to the Great White North.

Then I am home again in Toronto

Rope bondage performance in Detroit with Rubberdoll, Maxine X and Andrea DeVilliers tonight!

Hitting the road with some beautiful women and heading to Detroit tonight for an exclusive never before seen rope bondage performance with Rubber Doll, Maxine X, Andrea DeVilliers, The Red Rocket and Allie!  It is at the Toy Chest @ 18728 Ford Rd, Detroit, MI 48228.

There are two shows, starting at 9pm. Come see the hottest girls all tied and bound and doing terribly wicked things to each other!  This will be my last "local" performance before I hit the road in July across Europe and the US for the summer.

Detroit performance June 3 with Maxine X and Rubber Doll

Great news for my Michigan and Windsor friends, I am going to be performing onstage, tying up the legendary Maxine X and Rubber Doll at

It will be an evening of hot fun with these two gorgeous ladies, plus a few more surprise girls captured in my rope and writhing through their act on stage! 

June 4 I will be doing a Japanese Rope Bondage workshop at Maxine's Playground in Windsor in the late afternoon/early evening. I can't wait to see you all!

Now archived in the SDS program at the University of Toronto!

The body of my education and photography work over the past decade is now archived in the Sexual Representation Collection at the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. The Mandate of the SRC is to collect and maintain materials relevant to the study of sexual representation and to make them available for scholarly research and it is with my deepest sincerity that I accept this honour. Thank you to the curator Nicholas Matte for this wonderful opportunity.

Workshops in Toronto next week at Come As You Are

Join me as I return to ground zero where I got my start teaching kink.Come As You Are are hosting a series of three workshops  next week:

Restrained Loving
Take rope bondage to a whole new level! Learn how to tie your partner to the bed, chairs, stair railings or whatever your deviant mind can dream up, safely, securely and with confidence. Morpheous leads this class for those who desire to explore alternatives of using rope in their lovemaking. Safety and health concerns, along with rope selection and maintenance will be covered to help you play safely. This is a beginner and novice level class, no experience is necessary but enthusiasm certainly is.

Monday, April 25, 2011 7:30-9:30PM (All genders welcome.)
Where: Come As You Are
Cost:$30/person (Sliding Scale Available) |

Getting good at being bad"
What exactly is “kink” and how do you negotiate kinky play within a current or new relationship? How can singles safely find “the scene”? What are the rights and responsibilities of both the Top and the Bottom in a power exchange? And what are all those great toys for? Learn how to set the mood and introduce some new kinky fun into your bedroom with this class! Morpheous facilitates a walk through the introduction of safe and kinky play. Toys, both store bought and improvised as well as role playing, hands on basic and safe bondage techniques, and a class discussion round out this class to help you getting good at being bad!

Class level: Beginner to Intermediate.
Tuesday, April 26, 2011. 7:30-9PM (All genders welcome.)
Where: Come As You Are
Cost:$30/person (Sliding Scale Available)

Rope Bondage 101
An introduction to erotic rope bondage is a workshop geared towards people who want to expand their knowledge and toy box with an item that is available at EVERY hardware store. You will learn how graceful, elegant, beautiful and deliciously wicked rope bondage with a Japanese flavor can be. This workshop will cover the basics of selecting rope, care & safety, and three simple ties that will open the door to endless possibilities in the boudoir or dungeon. This is a hands-on workshop; you will have an opportunity to practice what you learn. There will be some rope available for practice, but if you already have your own bring it along.

Class level: Beginner and Intermediate
When: Wednesday, April 27, 2011. 7:30-9:30PM (All genders welcome.)
Where: Come As You Are
Cost:$30/person (Sliding Scale Available)

Come As You Are is one of the best sex shops in Canada and they have been very supportive of my teaching career over the years. I can't recommend them highly enough. It has been a few years since I have returned to where I started, come join me as the prodigal son returns.

Thanks to Queens University

I wanted to take a moment and thank Dr. Carol Pukall of Queen's University for inviting myself and elle to come and speak to her third year psych class on Human Sexuality a few weeks ago. It was nice to see the room overflowing with interested minds and if you were in the audience, thank you for your warm welcome and intreging questions. You were all very respectful and I indeed got all of my toys back after handing them all around the auditorium for show and tell.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me and put "Queens" in the subject line so I know  to give it priority. 

Also congrats to the two students that walked away with a copy of my first book "How to be Kinky: a beginner's guide to BDSM" - you have one of the last copies of the first edition before it goes into a second printing.


The next book is coming!

Whew, boy this thing is taking longer than I expected!  Finally all the photos have been sent off to the layout guy and he is working his magic with them.  I want to take a moment and thank all of the models that have worked with me on this project over the past few years. You have all given of yourselves and your time selflessly and I couldn't have done it without you:

Elle, Kittehlicious, Ava Destruction, Doll, Brittany, Babygap, Greg, SLam, Russian Bear, Little Rose, Annie, Bella Noir, Jon Henderson, Fire Domination, The Red Rocket, Tragedy Ann, Nadia Versace, Aeva, Lyarah, Mandy, Moon, Dylan Ryan and Vaeda.

And those with weblinks:

Alec & Chloe Bond


Kerry Maguire

Katy Cee

Tina Timebalm



Kyla Blair

Kat Reznor

Katrina Razor

Siren Thorn


Deanna Deadly

Aidrianna Santos

Nyssa Nevers

Amazon Syren


Laura Unbound


Goddess Shea


Melissa Masters

Mad Scientist


Photography and Creative Types - I highly recommend working with any of them.

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The merging of sexuality and bicycles culminated in the Bike Porn Festival last night in Toronto with Reverend Phil!  Not only did my crew and I put together a great bike bondage installation, I expanded on the original installation in 2008 that I did in the same space.  Here is a pic of the final installation.  Also, here are my boys - GM Hedon and Serenity 9 who I asked to participate as riggers. After the screening we spent the evening watching the Goldsprint races, dancing to some fantastic Detroit DJ's and taking turnsstringing up newbies in rope bondage as well as a local celebrity: Christine from the Naked News. Thanks to everyone who made it an awesome time and if you missed out, Ottawa is the Bike Porn's next stop.


Bike Porn and Shibari Suspension all rolled into one this Saturday night in Toronto!

The Rev. Phil and his Bike Porn festival is coming for its one time screening in Toronto this Saturday night and it is going to be a hell of a one night only party!  It is a collection of short erotic films made by inspired cyclists from across the US and Canada.  It 's creative, clever, funny, and aware! The only way to see Bike Porn is when it plays in a theater, bike shop or basement for a live audience. There are no DVDs for sale and no screeners for the media.

A few years ago in 2008 I had the chance to do some Shibari style bondage on bicycles for a local artist's installation party and it was an unusual request but an exciting chance to anthropomorphize bicycles into works of art.  Here are a few grainy pics of the previous installation and the blog entry. Well this year the Bike Porn Festival will be in town for one night only and they have asked me and my crew to create an even larger installation combining Shibari and Bicycles together into an even more sexualized and suspended sculpture.  I love creative challenges and can't wait to see the bikes we are tying up and figuring out how they are going to interact with one another.  This time I am leaning towards more of a "bike gangbang" and I know my crew and I are going to create something that no one has ever seen before!  The party is open to the public and not only are the movies going to be screened but there are some famous DJ's that will be spinning as well as Goldsprint racing. If you are a hardcore bicyclist or a saturday afternoon "Don Valley trailer" this is going to be a fun evening for you.   Oh and it is fully licenced so pints are 3 for $10!   Admission is only $10 for the whole evening. It is the social event to kick off the spring riding season in Toronto!

Here are the details:

Saturday March 26
 Doors open at 7pm
Screening at 8pm

Iron Will (spinning a Reggae/Dance Hall set) 10:30 PM
Ana+one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Midnight

>>>>>>>>>>KEVIN REYNOLDS <<<<<<<< 1:30 AM
(Surprise Guest from Detroit performing a special live set)

And Twonz will be taking us to ========>> 5 AM !!!!
We are going to be going late :)

Centre of Gravity
1300 Gerard St. East
(just east of Greenwood)
Toronto, ON

As an added bonus my crew and I will be doing rope bondage on a limited number of guests throughout the evening! This is a one night only party and installation, you miss it and it will be gone forever.


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